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Intermittent Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

Fusion Series Intermittent Motion Side Seal WrapperThe Conflex® FUSION is setting the new industry standard as the machine of choice for entry-level heat sealers. The value price and flexibility of options make it the perfect choice for automatic shrink packaging machinery. By fusing the technology and economies of side sealing with the financial commitment of an automatic L-bar sealer, Conflex® makes the FUSION the smart choice to fill your shrink wrapping needs.



Features and Benefits

  • Color HMI Touch Screen
    Provides intuitive, operator-friendly product setups in three Languages

  • Easy Load Film Cradle
    The fast threading process makes changeovers more efficient

  • Self-Tracking Belts
    Eliminate tracking issues and reduces maintenance

  • Open Access/Swing-Out Inverting Head
    Allows fast film threading

  • Large Film Selvage Cone
    Can hold two rolls of film scrap, reducing costly downtime

  • Mushroom Style Cross Seal
    Provides positive hot knife sealing

  • Powered Miser Wheels
    Provides positive film tracking

  • Universal Side Sealer
    Runs a variety of films

  • Casters and Leg Levelers
    Standard equipment

  • Multiple Options Available
    Left-to-right product flow, stainless steel and other customizable options available




Electrical Requirements

220V, 20 Amps,1 Phase

Air Requirements

80 psi, 1 cfm

Seal Bar Width and Height

24” wide, 10.5” high

Maximum Film Width


Maximum Roll Diameter


Overall Machine Dimensions

79” L x 57.5” W x 59.5” H

Overall Machine Dimensions

125.5"L; 72"W, 57"H

Maximum Operating Speeds

100’ film per minute

Deck Height on Casters


Package Dimensions*

2” L to unlimited L
1” W to 23” W**
1/8” H to 10” H

*May require additional components and set-up time to run the entire size range.
**Product dependent.


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