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Shrink Tunnels

V48 Shrink Tunnel

A perfect mate for the FUSION Series Side Sealers as they match package sizes perfectly. The V48 shrink tunnel by Conflex is a super efficient heat tunnel. Conflex keeps the heat where is belongs.. in the chamber with the shrink package. A unique archimedian airflow design allows for superior shrink wrapped packages at much lower shrink temperatures and airflow. Efficiency and thought you couldn't have both?


V72 Shrink Tunnel

The V72 high speed shrink tunnel is perhaps the greenest of all tunnels in shrink wrapping. Super insulated and shrinks at lower temperatures versus traditional forced air shrink tunnels. The unique Archimedian airflow design delivers superior shrink wrap appearance with less power consumption. The Vortex Series of shrink tunnels deliver more with less! A perfect shrink tunnel match to our SYNC Series Side seal shrink wrapper.


CT-6H Shrink Tunnel

The Conflex CT 6H shrink tunnel is the smallest shrink tunnel in our arsenal, however big thing come in small packages. This heat shrink tunnel is built for lower production speeds and smaller product, but has all the features of the larger Conflex shrink tunnels. It is the perfect mate for the intermittent motion shrink wrappers.


CT-7H Shrink Tunnel

The CT 7H shrink tunnel by Conflex is the perfect complement to the mid range shrink wrapper applications. The larger chamber size fits most packages and controlled air flow will yield great looking shrink packages. This shrink wrap tunnel will be a nice fit for most mid-range shrink wrap applications.


CT 71 Shrink Tunnel

The Conflex, CT 71 Shrink wrap tunnel is a great multi purpose single chamber shrink tunnel for a wide range of shrink applications. Forced air design and a variety of options make it a super flexible shrink tunnel.


CT 62 Shrink Tunnel

The CT 62 is a dual chamber shrink tunnel built for high speed shrink wrap applications. The recirculating air flow design works well when maximum shrink production is needed. The CT 62 has many options to handle the fastest most difficult shrink wrap applications.


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