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Other Shrink Wrap Machines

Conflex_Other_Shrink_Wrap_MachinesOver the course of 30 years in shrink wrapping, you tend to dabble in a little more than just shrink wrappers.  Conflex offers the expertise to recommend other auxilary equipment to the wrapper when the fit is right.  Your product is unique, you production line is unique and your shrink wrapping process is unique.  Get the most out of your automatic wrapper by making it truly automatic.  Conflex offers a variety of different automation solutions to speed up the process, take cost out of the package or reduce operator fatige. 


Want to save money and time by folding your own film on the shrink wrapper?  You can purchase flat shrink film and fold it on the wrapper which will allow for twice the film on the roll and cut shrink film roll changes in half.  The CF 40 film center folder is for use on intermittent motion shrink machines.



For use on continuous motion shrink wrappers. the SCF 40 is an ideal way to save on film roll changes.  Typical rolls of shrink film will come in standard lengths and outer diameters.  The SCF 40 makes you money by saving your operators time.  This will cut your roll changes in half.




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