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Orbital Series High Speed Shrink Wrappers

Available in both Side Seal and Lap Seal Models for extreme flexibility

CW Series Horizontal Form Fill & Seal WrapperThe Orbital Series of shrink wrappers features high speed sealing and an Orbital style seal head.  These are part of Conflex's horizontal form fill and seal product family. The versatility of the Orbital Series of wrappers is based on a building block design that allows it to be assembled with a variety of modules that reflect individual customer's needs. These modules include an array of infeeds, seal bar options and electronics packages that allow a customer to customize their machine based on their needs and budgets. The hallmark of the Orbital Series of plastic wrappers is that they can be built in both lap seal and side seal configurations.  The result is a customizable / fair priced line of machines rather than a "one size fits all" approach. 

The real beauty of the Orbital Series of wrappers is that they are super flexible, they can be used for bagging or shrink wrapping and can handle a wide variety of products...and they are smokin fast! 


Features and Benefits


Models Available

  • Modular Infeed system
    Allows for an unprecedented number of infeed system pairings

  • Orbital Cross seal options - Fast and Smooth
    This motion is fast and flexible!

  • Choice of Lap Seal or Side Seal
    Built modular so the choice is yours

  • Servo Accurate Bag Sizing
    Touch screen adjustable bag sizing

  • Cradle style powered film feed
    Easy to load with fast change overs

  • Triple safety system
    Protects operators and promotes safe work environment

  • Multiple options
    Include thermal bottom seal, 5' or 10' infeed extensions, 440V operation, card-style side guides, and much more...

  • RL-320 Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Shrink Wrapper
    Huge 32" seal bar Lap sealer!

  • RL-320 Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
    Huge 32" cross seal side sealer!

  • RL-280 Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Shrink Wrapper
    28" seal bar lap sealer

  • RL-280 Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
    28" cross seal side sealer 

  • RL-240 Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Shrink Wrapper
    24" seal bar, speeds up to 200 ppm

  • RL-240 Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
    24" cross seal, speeds up to 200 packages per minute




Electrical Requirements

220V, 60Hz, 25 Amps

Air Requirements


Film Requirements

One Roll, 3" Core, Single Wound

Seal Bar

24" - 32" Wide

Maximum Film Width


Maximum Roll Diameter


Overall Machine Dimensions

109"; 52"W, 68"H

Gross Weight

1600 lbs.

Maximum Operating Speeds

200’ film per minute

Deck Height on Casters


Package Dimensions

2"L to unlimited L, 2"W to 30"W, 1/8"H to 5"H


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