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Automatic L-Bar Sealers

E-250 Automatic L-Bar Sealer

The E 250 automatic L bar sealer is as easy to understand as any machine in your plant. Perfect for the novice shrink wrap user who are ready to jump up to an automatic L bar sealer. If have someone standing next to a manual L bar sealer all day it is time you do them and yourself a favor and jump up to an E 250 automatic L bar sealer.


E-250A Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Need a little more height and squeeze a bit more speed out of you l bar sealer? That's the fit for the E 250A shrink wrapper. A little more wrapper for a comparable price. This L bar sealer is built like a tank to handle the most demanding shrink wrap applications.


E-260A Automatic L-Bar Sealer

The L bar sealer for the large products. But the Conflex, E 260A can also shrink wrap the small products. Size can matter when you are talking shrink wrappers and this is the shrink wrapper to get the job done. A multitude of options are available for this shrink wrap machine. Every large product needs a large l bar sealer with all the options to make it look good.


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