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Infeed Options

Conflex manufactures a wide variety of infeeds and product handling devices to load our shrink wrappers.  These infeeds maximize performance of the automatic shrink wrapper by making it truely autonomous.  The profitability of manufacturing a product often comes down to how many steps it takes before shipping it out the door.  Shrink wrapping is often one of the last steps in the manufacturing process, but often overlooked as a significant opportunity for automation.  Let Conflex explore this opportunity to boost the profitabilty of your shrink wrapping operation.  





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Belted Infeed Options

The easiest way for your product to enter a Conflex Shrink wrapper is by conveyor belt. Product is transferred from conveyor to conveyor and is automatically transferred into the shrink wrapper. Easy, not complicated and no touch.

Escapement Infeed Options

A Conflex Shrink original. And a great inexpensive way to transfer product into our shrink wrapper. The basic belted infeed on the escapement will separate a solid row of product simply by lifting it off the driving belts. So no pressure is put on the row of product. At this point the shrink wrapper will mechanically index single products into a small section of flighted infeed. You cannot do this process more simply and inexpensively. This option is very popular with our lap sealer shrink wrap equipment.

Flight Bar Infeed Options

Flight Bar infeed options for our shrink wrappers are typically used when several items need to be pushed into the shrink film at the same time. Collating product into shrink wrapped multipacks can be difficult if being done by hand. A flight bar infeed can hold the multipacked products together throughout the shrink wrap process.

Gated Infeed Options

As the name suggests, we use a gate to index your product at specific timing into the flght space on our shrink wrappers. This option can be used on both side sealer and lap sealer style wrappers and with shrink film and bagging applications. There is typically a low back pressure conveyor to feed product back to back up to the high speed gate. Once full the gate will release into the shrink wrapper.

Open Rail Infeed Options

Open rail infeeds are typically used on the stainless steel shrinkwrappers for food wrapper applications. Loose ingredients can clog up the infeed section of the shrink wrapper causing feed issues. Conflex offers the open rail options so the loose debris can fall through into stainless steel catch pans.

SI Infeed Options

The "SI" Infeed stands for servo infeed. This product handling option is used to feed product into the shrink wrap machine. Conflex offers many types of servo based infeeds, but the servo operation aids in highly accurate product handling or high speeds. This is especially useful when we are attempting to shrink wrap products that cannot touch or are especially fragile.

SSI Infeed Options

A servo operated Infeed option for ultra high speed shrink wrap operations. High production shrink wrapping is the name of the game in some industrial environments. These are shrink wrap lines that are likely too fast to hand load the wrapper. The SSI infeed is the fastest way to load your product into the shrink wrap.

Stainless Infeed Options

Need a wash down infeed to your shrink wrapper? Food shrink operations are a Conflex specialty. Every food wrapping operation is different, but most require a wash-down shrink wrapper. Conflex offers wash down infeeds to our shrink wrappers so you can keep it clean.

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