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Custom Solutions

Conflex_Custom_MachinesWhen there has never been anything available quite like what you need...

Over the past 3 decades Conflex has built a strong reputation for building custom industrial automation solutions for our customers.  Product orientation into our shrinkwrappers is our specialty.  But we don't stop there...We have product stackers, droppers, multipackers, counters, right angle transfers, combiners...Challenge us, we'll figure it out.






Compression Custom Solutions


Pick and Place Custom Solutions

Does your product have some air in it?  If it does we're sure you are aware of the cost of shipping air.  Conflex has developed methods of compressing the product prior to the shrink wrap process so the product gets shipped...not the air.   Conflex has integrated our shrink wrappers with a variety of different pick and place manufacturers.  These are machines that have the ability to load our shrink wrap equipment with product so you don't have to.  Your operators now load hoppers rather than the wrapping machine.

Other Manufacturers Custom Solutions


Multipacking Solutions

When there is a fit for another manufacturers product to be built into our shrink wrappers, we do it.  Rather than make a copy of someone else's product and offer them nothing for their ideas and hard work, Conflex works with several different manufacturers when their solutions are the right fit.   High production environments often need automation solutions to quickly form their shrink wrapped multipacks.  Conflex offers a multitude of product collation solutions to accompany the shrink wrap process.

Automation Partners:

Conflex works with several automation partners to enhance the capabilities of your shrink wrapping line.  If we don't make it, we likely know someone who does and we can integrate the equipment to work together to offer fully integrated shrink wrap lines.

  • Shuttleworth
  • Shanklin
  • Benchmark Automation
  • QC Conveyors
  • Dorner Conveyors
  • ADCO

and many more...

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