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Food & Beverage Applications

Conflex_Food_Beverage_Packaging Food Packaging is a wide and varied shrink wrapping category.  Shrink wrapping food and beverage can be as varied as the types of foods available.  Approximately 30% of all Conflex shrink packaging projects are related to food packaging and food packaging supplies.


Frozen Foods

Frozen Food wrapping is a major focus for the Conflex shrink machines.  Shrink wrap makes frozen foods display better.  Conflex builds shrink equipment to handle cold room and frozen food environments.  


Conflex_Food_MultipackagingFood Multipackaging

Club Store multipack wrapping is big.  Conflex has the confidence that your multipack production can be automated.  Often these are large multipacks and we have the shrink machine specifications to handle the package automation required for the larger packages. 


Conflex_Tray_WrappingTray Wrapping

Perhaps the least expensive and fastest way to package a food product in a tray is shrink packaging.  Often this is the best way to display the beauty of a fresh food.  The retail display is fantastic, inexpensive and easy on a production line.  


Conflex_Produce_WrappingProduce Wrapping

Look no further than the Conflex Produce Wrapper.  This shrink wrapper is an offering in our AdvantEdge Series Side Sealers.  Produce specific customization make this the perfect machine as a potato wrapper, melon wrapper, lettuce wrapper, cucumber wrapper, apple wrapper or even a pomegranate wrapper. 


Conflex_Retail_Ready_ProductsRetail Ready

Retail Shrink Wrapping and food packaging can be done on any of our shrink wrapping machines.  Whether your focus is for display packaging or inventory count wrapping, Conflex can offer several solutions that will fit your needs.

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