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Contract Packaging/Multipacking Applications

Shrink wrapping for contract packagers is a natural fit for the Conflex, FUSION Series.  The FUSION Series offers the Contract Packaging Industry small to large seal areas to seal a variety of different jobs from day to day.  The ease of product setup in multiple languages make it a natural fit for todays work force.  Medium to high speeds are attainable for a very affordable price.  This is a high value shrink machine that will gain you business and make you money!

The FUSION Shrink Wrappers are typically in stock and ready for shipment, so you can be responsive to your customer base.  This wrapper will quickly become the standard shrink wrapper in your contract packaging operation.

For co-packing jobs that are big enough and more regular, Conflex offers our higher speed, continuous motion lap sealer equipment. The CW Series of continuous motion lap seal shrink wrappers has been around a long time in this shrink industry.  So if you haven't seen one lately, you should check it out.  Lap seal gives your operation high speed shrink wrapping in a very economical design with the least expensive cost per package in shrink wrapping. 

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