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Shrink Wrap Applications

Food & Beverage Applications

Food Packaging is a wide and varied shrink wrapping category. Lean more about how Conflex can help you wrap food packaging supplies.


Printing & Publications Applications

Printers have been shrink wrapping for as long as shrink technology has been available. It is a natural fit to shrink bundle paper goods together. Conflex offers many different solutions for shrink wrapping paper and paper converted goods.


3PL/Logistics Applications

The past decade has seen an explosion is 3PL co-packaging. Conflex has provided shrink systems throughout this industry. The 3PL co-packing operations often sprout up quickly as the customer base expresses a need for shrink packaging and the 3PL copackers need to set up operations fast.


Consumer Goods Applications

Next time you are in a grocery store, club store or office supply store take a look at how many products on the shelves are shrink wrapped. Conflex has been responsible for shrink wrapping many of these products. Consumer Goods shrink Packaging is our specialty.


Contract Packaging/Multipacking Applications

Shrink wrapping for contract packagers is a natural fit for the Conflex, FUSION Series. Learn why.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Applications

Learn about Conflex's solutions for companies in the Medical and pharmaceutical fields.


Paper Converting Applications

Conflex has made shrink wrappers for the paper converting industry since our inception in 1988. Our experience in the paper converting industry literally span the entire industry. The variety of paper converting companies we have built machines for include;


Industrial Applications/Lumber

A walk through the big home improvement stores reveal the variety of methods of industrial shrink wrap. Paint Tray Shrink wrapping and Bagging, Paint can bundling, Lumber shrink wrapping, Lawn edging wrapping, Industrial Multipacking, Carpet bundling, Tile shrink wrap, Stake Bagging, Fabric bolt bagging and more....


Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrap Applications

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