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How many packages per minute do you need to run? *
20 or less 20-40 40-60 60-80 80
How fast is your line speed? (estimate) *
50 fpm 50-80 40-60 80+
How uniform in size are your products? *
All the same size Some variation but mostly the same   Always different sizes
How often will you changeover products? *
Several times a day Once per day One - two times per week  Never
Are there any space requirements for the equipment? *
yes  no

Is your product... *
One solid piece One - two pieces Multiple pieces
How stable is your product? *
Very stable  Somewhat stable  Not stable
Is the product flow... *
Constant / evenly spaced  Randomly spaced
How do you forsee loading your product into the wrapper? *
Hand loading  Conveyor transfer  Hopper/Feeder
Will you need an extended infeed? *
No  5 feet  10 feet    more than 10 feet
What type of film will you be using? *
Polyethylene  Polyolefin  PVC

Do you need to shrink? *
yes  no
Have you investigated other brands of equipment? *
yes  no

Would you like to see a quote? *
yes no
What is the time frame of your project? *
One month One - three months  One - three months  Six months or more


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