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AdvantEdge Rotary Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

AdvantEdge RotaryThe AdvantEdge Rotary Side Seal Shrink Wrapper is all about speed.  It is fast - up to 200 packages per minute! These speeds are rare in a shrink wrapper.  Other shrink packaging systems will claim that these speeds are attainable but the secret these speeds is the rotary seal head.  The ease of movement puts this heat sealer in a class of its own.  A patented Micro-V belt drive holds film better to provide stronger side seals; convenient tool-less changeover capability ensures ease of maintenance; and its simple yet ingenious design ensures that it will integrate seamlessly with your existing shrink packaging operation. 


Features and Benefits

*Some features may be optional

  • High-speed Rotary heat sealing, continuous servo-motion
    For fast, effortless operation and improved heat sealer productivity

  • Multiple cross heat seal head modules;
    Reciprocating, single and double rotary head plastic heat sealer, impulse heat sealer

  • Intellitouch®Touch-screen display
    Features recipe capability; optimizes ease of use and ensures consistant superior performance

  • Solid construction
    Heavy-duty tubular steel construction; stainelss steel product contact surfaces

  • Servo-controlled "bunching"
    Relaxes film between packages for stronger seals

  • Infinite length and 5" heat sealing height capabilities
    Supports a wider range of shrink wrap applications

  • Side Sealer Trim seal with radiant heat
    Provides a clean, strong seal with no residue left behind

  • Patented Servo-driven side seal
    Creates smooth and accurate product transfer

  • Servo-controlled Rotary end seal*
    Precision seal bar placement with fewer moving parts

  • Multiple options available
    Anti-jam, extended 5-foot and 10-foot infeeds, card style guides, product indexing and more




Electrical Requirements

220V, 25 Amps, 3 phase

Air Requirements

80 psi

Seal Bar Width and Height

16" (standard)

Maximum Film Width


Maximum Roll Diameter


Overall Machine Dimensions

125.5"L x 72"W x 57"H

Maximum Operating Speeds

170 fpm, 200 packages per minute!

Deck Height on Casters


Package Dimensions*

3"L to Infinite L, 2"W to 13 1/2"W, 1/8"H to 7 1/2"H


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